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A mobility scooter is a convenient, simple and effective way to improve the independence of those who would otherwise would find it difficult to keep mobile. Due to this fact mobility scooters are fast becoming an essential aid for the day to day mobility of the elderly. There are in the region of 250,000 scooters on the pavements and roads of the UK at the present moment in time.

They come is various styles, sizes and budgets to suit all potential users. However, buying a mobility scooter should not be rushed into.

Listed below are some of the factors to consider before buying:

  • Three or four wheel
  • 4mph or 8mph
  • Transportable or not
  • Maximum weight capacity
  • Maximum range that can be traveled per battery charge
  • Ease of operation

Buying your first mobility scooter is a means to improving your quality of life, and due to this fact they can be considered to be an excellent investment. As technology continues to improve scooters prices are becoming cheaper to manufacturer and therefore making them more affordable, enabling more people to benefit from the advantages they bring. 

Before you make your purchase it is important to give careful consideration to the purpose of the scooter, this is in terms of what is it to be used for? Consider the terrain upon which it is to be used, and distance that is to be covered. Plus consider your budget, and stick within price range you can comfortably afford. Do not allow sales people to tempt you into spending more than you want. Also consider buying second hand to reduce the amount you need to spend.

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